We use a multiple professional flashes and lighting modifiers to get that pop of bold color, capture catch lights in the eyes, and capture hi-definition image resolution both indoors and out. We also have multiple cameras and lenses for a variety of angles and redundancy for equipment failure.

All of our digital images are delivered in 4K, 6K or 8K resolution for viewing on today's UHD televisions or for large wall prints.


We have a dedicated studio space in our home where we can do indoor shoots to allow for more options in the crazy Iowa weather we choose to live in! We can customize our lighting, backgrounds and seating for a variety of looks in a single location.

Further, we can add minor special effects like color gels, water,  mist or smoke to amp up an image.



We don't like 'basic' - we strive for unique. You won't find us just standing 6 feet away from a subject and snapping away from the same angle each time. We'll be on our knees, laying in the mud, crawling in the weeds, with you in the water, on that rock or log, above you on a ladder. We focus on the composition of a shot and we'll do what it takes to nail it.

We also love planning shoots - from outfits to make-up to that little extra detail. So plan on spending time going back/forth with us in the planning stages if you want that extra wow factor!



We are a husband (photographer) and wife (assistant) team. We both love working with people of all ages and backgrounds in our day jobs and in our photography business.

Goofing around on a shoot is a must, cracking jokes and making our subjects laugh so hard until they cry is a side effect sometimes. Yes you get pics from your session, but we want to shoot with clients who we interact with like close friends for an enjoyable time!



We strive to produce a high quality experience before, during and after your session. From the equipment we use, to the editing of our photos, to the amount of value you get for your money - it all speaks to a premium level of service.

We accomplish this by only doing a limited number of shoots per year, in many cases focusing on just one client per day. You won't find us doing a '15 minute mini shoot' - expect a minimum of a couple hours together to make it an event that you or your family will remember and also to get a product you'll love.